Highlight for enterprise IT Managers

It’s a familiar cycle: you sign a contract with a service provider with promises of ultra-reliable connectivity, the latest technological innovations and first-class customer service – only to be met with intermittent problems, long-winded support procedures and unaware account managers.


It can seem that all service providers are the same, with little to differentiate between them, but there is a solution that puts some network services head and shoulders above the rest – The Highlight Service Observability Platform.

An informed and satisfied IT manager who is able to communicate effectively with their service provider using Highlight.

Do you trust your network service provider?

See what’s working and what isn’t with the Highlight platform

The Highlight Service Observability Platform is a cloud-based app specifically created for the provider-customer relationship. Through its service-observability architecture, Highlight continuously and imperceptibly collects data from the connections in your network service and categorises them in an appealing and easy-to-understand web portal. A fully featured reporting suite ensures both real-time and historical metrics are available for your organisation and your service provider, making sure all conversations start from a shared basis of understanding.

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform

Bypass the support ticket run-around

If a problem does occur, Highlight can automatically alert designated people. The platform’s clear and intuitive Heat Tiles let you and your Service Provider see where the point of failure is, what kind of problem is occurring and how long the issue has been ongoing – eliminating the need to convince multiple unaware operations team members and service managers to carry out targeted investigative monitoring and allowing your organisation to plan responses appropriately.

Have conversations based on real data

Highlight gives users access to performance data that service providers would normally have to rely on busy technical operations teams to obtain, something usually reserved for a select few customers. This allows for better-informed conversations with your service manager and means that decisions on service optimisation come from real data. It also enables self-sufficient internal reporting, supporting budget and upgrade requests to management with real-world performance metrics.