What benefits does Highlight provide?

The increasing complexity of connectivity services and the high expectations that enterprise customers have of their service provider make maintaining effective and satisfying service provider-customer relationships a challenge.

Bypass the barriers to effective service assurance

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform utilises an extensive range of features to empower both non-technical and technical roles to focus on what matters to them, without the barriers to communication, collaboration and service data analysis that technical monitoring solutions present. Highlight users experience a wealth of service assurance benefits.

Better conversations

Every conversation is important to maintaining the service provider-customer relationship. However, it is rare that either service providers or their enterprise customers will have the time and the correct information to ensure communication is transparent enough to maintain trust. Through clear service visibility, the Highlight platform ensures every conversation starts from a point of shared understanding.

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Enhanced collaboration

Managed network services are most likely to succeed for both the service provider and enterprise customer when all relevant roles can easily access key service performance information and collaborate to reach shared goals. Highlight provides a consistent, curated view of network services that allows both technical and non-technical roles to all speak the same language.

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Proof of delivery

Modern network services include an ever-growing number of different technologies from a wide range of vendors. However, without the ability to provide consistent reporting on the delivery of these varied services, customers and stakeholders can be left doubtful of their value. The Highlight platform ensures service providers and IT managers can define and prove the value of services being provided.

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One-stop platform

Using multiple third-party platforms to complete a network service can create a management headache. Licence fees, finding time for training and app-switching fatigue all contribute to a lack of management efficiency and reporting clarity. Highlight brings together relevant data from a large range of third-party platforms and makes it available in one accessible and understandable platform.

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Outsourced administration

The Highlight platform has been designed to bring service providers and their enterprise organisations effective service assurance capability without placing barriers in the way. To this end, Highlight is cloud-based, requiring no on-site hardware installations, no mid-life upgrades and no surprise fees. We handle all the updates and maintenance behind the scenes, allowing users to focus on what matters.

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