Highlight platform features

Network services are complex and any solution adopted to help manage them needs to be able to streamline the management process for both service providers and enterprise customers.

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform

The tools to effectively manage any network service

The Highlight Service Observability Platform is dedicated specifically to help successfully manage network services. Every part of the platform has been designed to help users to see and fully understand the important service data that matters to them without the oversaturation and noise that raw technical data brings. Highlight achieves this with the following features:

Service observability architecture

Traditional network monitoring tools are designed for engineering roles and are usually narrowly focused on the technical management of a single network environment. The Highlight Service Observability Platform is designed to support and enhance the relationship between service providers and the enterprise customers that use their services.

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Multi-technology integration

Connectivity technologies are constantly improving and evolving, providing higher speeds and greater flexibility. This evolution often comes with greater complexity that requires the use of multiple third-party technology vendors as part of a successful service delivery. Highlight incorporates visibility of a large range of constantly expanding technologies from an ever-increasing number of vendors.

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Enhanced service reporting and alerting capability

The complexity of modern network services means that just having access to raw technical network data is not enough. Effective service assessment requires that data to be translated. The Highlight platform enables users to get an unprecedented understanding of service performance at the detail level of your choosing through a large range of reporting, categorisation and alerting features.

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Comprehensive help and support resources

All the capabilities and features in the world are no benefit if users are unable to utilise them effectively. This is why we have a team here at Highlight embedded into the development process, making sure that all of the Highlight Service Observability Platform’s powerful capabilities are understandable and usable.

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