Transform the value of networks

Built specifically to help service providers commercially succeed, Highlight lets you better connect with customers to drive margin-rich services.


Make more margin

Don't be like the others
Selling the same basic products as everyone else hampers sales and lets customers directly challenge your pricing

Deliver a service customers will pay more for
Bring you and your customers together in a conversation about their actual problems and how you can solve them

Sell more services

Support quality conversations
That continues beyond contract being signed. Conversations that make customers value you as a provider

Empower your sales team
Give them the information they need to close more new business, get re-signs over the line, and upsell existing deals


Keep more customers

Create relationships based on more than selling
Build real, long-term conversations with your customers that position you above the competition

Become a trusted advisor
That customers see as part of their IT team to form a relationship that lasts

Service providers are already
succeeding with Highlight


“Highlight was the silver bullet. We use Highlight internally to monitor the infrastructure and applications across our customers’ environments, but the big bonus is that we share the same tool with customers so they can see how everything is performing. No information is redacted and all data is real-time, so customers can hold our feet to the fire to ensure they get the services they expect.”
Dave Macfarlane - Managing Director at Gamma

"Highlight is critically important to Gamma and is vital for my day to day operations. It's the first thing that I log into in the morning and the last thing I log out of in the evening. I spend a lot of time waxing lyrical about the benefits of Highlight and that’s because it is vital for the delivery of our incident management as well as providing a view of a customer’s end to end journey with us."
Jonathan Butcher - Service Advocate at Gamma

Are we a good fit?

Highlight isn’t a traditional networking monitoring tool. Our platform directly connects services and commercial value, providing direct insights tailored to your teams and your customers.

Our approach has many advantages over traditional players.

Traditional Network
Demonstrate the true value of your network
Easily productised for service differentiation

Tailored and purpose-built dashboards for service providers

Success based cost model that scales as you sell

Easy to deploy, configure and use

Provide business-centric insights, nontechnical jargon

Who benefits?

Highlight can help many people in your organisation. Sales Managers, Product Managers, Customer Service Managers, IT Managers, Operations and more...

Turn data into insights


Our intuitive and tailored interface surfaces the right data to the right people at the right time

Close more deals

Close more deals

Audit existing networks, quote using real numbers and communicate results effectively

New ways to grow

New ways to grow

Enable real white space analysis with understandable insights about your services

Maximise efficiency


Understand growth, identify waste and contextualise decisions with real data

Take the first step towards
better customer relationships.

Speak with a Highlight network services expert. Start transforming the value of your network and create more profitable customer relationships today.