The service assurance solution

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform provides a shared understanding of how your network services are performing, enabling productive communication between network management staff and end-users at all levels.

Whether you’re an enterprise organisation or a managed service provider, go beyond technical monitoring and use the Highlight platform to create networks services that work for everybody.

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform
What does Highlight provide?

The real value of a network service lies in how it empowers an organisation to achieve its goals. The Highlight Service Assurance Platform goes beyond the technical monitoring of individual components by focusing on the network service as-a-whole, empowering both Service Providers and Enterprise organisations.

Who does Highlight help?

The Highlight platform is designed to help people in both Service Provider and Enterprise organisations. For Sales Managers, Product Managers, Service Managers, IT Managers, Operations and more – Highlight provides network service transparency and enables clear open communication.

Extensive platform features

First-rate Service Assurance doesn’t come easily. The Highlight platform has been continuously developed for more than two decades by a dedicated team of in-house software developers, resulting in a feature-packed experience with an intuitive user experience.

Organisations already succeeding with Highlight

“Together with Highlight we’re delivering a service that takes all the worry away from the customer in running and depending on an advanced network, giving them the freedom to focus on what’s important to them, their business.”

Paul Bulmer, Director of Product Management at Maintel

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