Always know where to go with comprehensive help & support

All the capabilities and features in the world are no benefit if users are unable to utilise them effectively. This is why we have a team here at Highlight embedded into the development process, making sure that all of the Highlight Service Assurance Platform’s powerful capabilities are understandable and usable. No matter what your situation is, Highlight can help you to utilise our platform to help you and your network service.

A ready and willing Highlight help and support meeple ready to help.

Always get the best out of the Highlight platform with these resources

Detailed and regularly updated Help & Support Centre

The Highlight platform is accompanied by an interactive Help & Support Centre. Every part of the platform is documented and categorised into an easy-to-navigate visual online directory. The centre is always kept up to date as part of the ongoing development process, meaning you’ll not come across incorrect or outdated information as you learn. The directory also contains a full detailed history of release notes and changes.

Easily accessible help pop-ups

On any Highlight screen, you’ll see at least one question mark in an amber circle These can be to view an image-loaded help pop-up, each one with different information relevant to the section. These are reviewed and updated for every change so always correspond to the platform. The pop-ups also contain a direct link to the relevant section on the Help & Support Centre should you need more detail.

Responsive support team

For more complicated queries or specific requests for your individual situation, we have a full support and operations team. Call us during UK business hours and great straight through to a real person who knows Highlight and the network service provider industry, or email and receive a personal reply. Our support engineers are also on call to resolve any issues with Highlight, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Quick start guides, videos and tours

Highlight is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform but we have a wide range of different training resources to increase your proficiency. These optional resources come in the form of a Quick Start Guide and a series of ten two-minute videos. We also have walk-through tours in the product to introduce new features. Watch our user training videos and read about our tours.