The Highlight Service Observability Platform for service providers

The Highlight Service Observability Platform is the only service observability solution designed specifically for the service provider-customer relationship, with a wide range of features to empower different roles within service provider organisations.

Secure customer engagement through transparency and trust

Managed services are now more complex than ever before. Customer expectations push service providers to put together complex service packages for ever lower prices. Time becomes a precious resource and service-orientated solutions are required to satisfy customers’ demands. Highlight provides a curated, user-friendly service observability platform that enhances communication and keeps customers engaged in their service.

Service managers

The best way to keep customers satisfied is to build a strong relationship with them. Highlight is the key to enabling trust and responsiveness, providing Service Managers with the tools to quickly and effectively build relationships that last. Highlight also ensures that a greater number of customers can receive first-class reporting and responsive problem solving.

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Sales teams

In a world where technology is increasingly commoditised, it’s hard to justify margin when you’re selling the same things as everyone else. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to offer something compelling beyond the technology. The Highlight Service Observability Platform is designed to be a defining factor that puts your service at the centre of a prospect’s attention.

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Operations teams

The Highlight Service Observability Platform empowers your teams and customers to make sure Help Desk interactions are as productive and satisfying as possible. Highlight does this by simplifying and aggregating the complex and extensive data received from a network into service insights that are standardised and valid for any technology vendor used.

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