Drive sales with insight

Highlight partners use our service to grow their revenues from existing customers and extend their reach. Here’s how.


Easily spot opportunities with capacity and fit

Your salespeople can regularly scan whole estates, or individual large customers, to identify hotspots that are causing problems, reviewing them with the customer, and suggesting bandwidth enhancements. Where broadband isn’t up to the job, Highlight is the basis for a clear conversation about ethernet or a Managed Service solution.

Edge-out the

Customers love a single picture of their network — especially one as crystal-clear as Highlight. If they buy from multiple providers, you can bring those competitor networks (or “those competitors’ networks“?) other providers’ networks into your branded Highlight portal and get your logo front-and-centre in their view of the network. You can become the customer’s go-to partner for discussions about upgrades, technology changes and re-signs — across their whole estate.


Extend your reach

Highlight doesn’t just provide insights into the wide-area links you sell. You can step through your customers’ firewalls and add their LANs and WiFi to the single-pane-of-glass you share with them. Treat it as a small step towards a Managed Services portfolio, or a major push which significantly increases your stickiness in major accounts. Stepping up to help your customers like this also reduces the likelihood of being disintermediated by other providers like WiFi specialists.


The outcome  

Lucrative, long-lasting customer relationships which can grow your business


How Highlight works:

Customisable views and reports that put important insights into context for both you and your customers in real-time.


Sales-friendly reporting

Highlight delivers analysis tools and dashboards that your sales teams will be able to use and understand. Provide simple access to the insights they need to bring a consultative-edge to the sales process, identify unique opportunities to upsell and cross-sell and drive commercial success.   

Customer-facing displays

Highlight makes it easy to communicate by providing shared views that let your sales teams and customers stay on the same page — literally. It becomes simple to demonstrate the value of new investments and prove ROI. The outcome is a smoother sales process and value-added conversations that benefit you and your customers.   

White space analysis

Highlight delivers the perspective needed to identify high-impact performance improvements and get a clear picture of where networks are underperforming in real-time (and overtime), enabling intelligent conversations on how to close any gaps or provide additional services. 

Become part of the team

The unique experience of using Highlight’s customer-facing tools embeds you within customer workflows while providing your sales teams with the insights needed to expand your scope of work. The outcome is a greater ability to act like part of your customers’ IT team — helping you identify more opportunities to upsell and creating the foundations of a positive long-term relationship.   


The results speak for themselves


"The big benefit of Highlight is that it drives user engagement; it's an excellent way for people to see how a connection or an application is performing."
Mike Ayers - Chief Commercial Officer, GCI

“Highlight is a tightly-focused team – responsive and forward-looking. They’ve met all our requirements, including some which were definitely not out-of-the-box. Overall, they’ve been excellent to work with.”
Walter Rossi - Technical Architecture Consultant at Visionist

"Highlight's simplicity is its real appeal. The user interface is easy to understand, easy to set up and the data is easy to access. At a glance, our NOC team can narrow down the root cause of issues to stability, load or health."
Darren Brown - Network Manager at Spirit

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