Enable better experiences

Highlight helps you anticipate your customers’ needs and deliver connectivity experiences that build trust, add value and reduce churn by providing a service your customers won’t want to lose.


Solve problems before customers find them

Move from basic break-fix support to proactive sight of your customers’ networks. Salespeople can spot sales opportunities that help the customer. Service teams can provide crystal-clear feedback on service levels. Operations teams get the high-level view they need to see patterns and trace major outages, reducing time-to-restoration of service.

Offer proactive
insights and grow

Customers need you to understand their problems and provide solutions. Highlight lets you take incremental steps to embrace a ‘Managed Service’. With tools that make it easy to have informed conversations with customers, you can deliver value to the customer and provide insight to your teams about what your customers want. Your team becomes an invaluable part of theirs. 


Become a
trusted partner

Customers want you to be a trusted part of the team and solve problems at a business level. Highlight delivers the insights you need to understand what customers want from their network, and how they use it. All of your customer-facing teams can access the information they need to effectively communicate, be that trusted partner, and demonstrate they’re on the same page as the customer.


The outcome

Deliver a service that is invaluable to your customers


How Highlight delivers better experiences:


Heat Tiles

See the real-time status of both network and application services at every location.


Broadband Clarity

Identify hidden, slow line issues on rate-adaptive broadband connections and resolve them quickly.



See events at the service level as they happen with transparent and unbiased information.


WiFi Monitoring

Monitor WiFi network performance to ensure the quality of experience for all WiFi Access Points.

The results speak for themselves


“Everyone involved from the end-user customer, Channel Partner and our Operations teams now has full transparency of service performance. Being able to see at a glance the patterns of what’s happening or changing, and then being able to forecast and adapt the design, gives partners the chance to contact the customer and offer valuable advice.”
David Doherty - Product Director, Data Services at Gamma

Better experiences =
better relationships

Stay on top of your customers’ changing needs, deliver a more valuable experience and create the foundations of a long-term partnership. 


Take the first step towards
better customer relationships.

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