Highlight Launches Actionable Insights Tailored Reporting Service

Highlight Launches Actionable Insights Tailored Reporting Service

Highlight is proud to announce the launch of the Actionable Insights Service – the innovative new tailored reporting suite for Highlight partners that enables service managers to truly engage their customers with interactive graphical service reports, produced in just minutes.

Actionable Insights empowers MSP service managers and sales teams to independently produce service reports for multiple customers, providing them with a level of service usually reserved for all but the largest customers.

The problem of too much data and too little time, solved

A successful managed network service relies on clear and open communication. Customers want their service provider to be able to prove they are successfully delivering the services being paid for. The challenge service providers, and more specifically service managers, face is to give their customers clear, detailed and engaging service reports without losing large amounts of time and money collating data and producing them. The Actionable Insights Service from Highlight solves this problem.

Interactive and visual service reports, tailored to your needs

A screenshot of the Actionable Insights main reporting suite menu

Actionable Insights is a fully customised service designed for commercial personas within service provider organisations that utilise the Highlight Service Assurance Platform.

The Highlight team works with you to develop customised reporting dashboard suite that draws translated and pre-formatted data from the Highlight platform, making it available for fast and easy output in the form of interactive reports at the click of a button.

Craig Smith, Technical Account Manager at Highlight says:

“Customer service management reporting has traditionally been a resource-intensive process. Highlight’s new Actionable Insights service removes much of the manual work by automating the delivery of vital information into easy-to-understand dashboards. Fast and easy production of detailed interactive reports helps to improve communication with customers during service reviews since all the data is ready to explore, analyse and discuss.”

The browser-based reporting dashboards are accessible from anywhere in the world. The service also includes regular touch points throughout the year to make sure that report templates are always up to date and relevant to your customers’ varied and evolving service reporting needs.

Make better use of existing resources and increase reporting efficiency with the Actionable Insights Service

If you’re a service manager, sales manager or customer-facing role that is looking for an efficient way to increase the independence and efficiency of customer service reporting, utilise the Highlight platform data that is already at your fingertips by setting up next-level service reports with Actionable Insights Service.

Fill out the form on this page to download our Actionable Insights Service product feature sheet, find out more about the service and start the journey towards greater customer engagement today. For further information contact us at inboundsales@highlight.net or call us at 01483 209970.


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