Highlight expands Middle East business with exclusive reseller agreement with MSOLS International

Highlight expands Middle East business with exclusive reseller agreement with MSOLS International

Highlight continues its accelerated international expansion by appointing MSOLS International as its exclusive reseller in the Middle East, including the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) region of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the State of Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

MSOLS International is a leading software developer with a team of award-winning experts in Database and Application Development, Data Analytics, IT Network Security, Cyber Threat Management and Cloud Migration. With offices in London, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, MSOLS is now offering the Highlight Service Assurance Platform as part of its portfolio to enhance the delivery of clear and understandable service assurance data to its clients.

Highlight collects and analyses complex network data, translating and transforming it into an intuitive cloud-based service assurance platform.  Its vendor-agnostic design can encompass large multi-site, multi-vendor and multi-tenant networks enabling MSOLS International and its service provider partners to deliver a new differentiated managed service that goes beyond standard SLAs.

Highlight presents service performance metrics across different technologies such as Broadband, cellular and SD-WAN in a clear, graphically pleasing and easy-to-understand way. It helps to demonstrate transparency and trust and enables both provider and customer to see and discuss service performance.

Ahmed Rashid - CEO, MSOLS InternationalAhmed Rashid, CEO of MSOLS International, says, “We are delighted to be representing Highlight in the region and delivering their best-in-class service assurance solution together with our comprehensive local support.

“In a market where customers need greater assurance that services are being delivered as promised, Highlight will add a new layer of insight that complements our existing services and will be extremely useful. With its single dashboard view across multiple network services and any number of clients, our operations team can watch over everything with the confidence that they can quickly spot any issues. As an example, one of our local telecoms partners works for a government department, and it took them six weeks to identify the cause of an issue. With Highlight, we can immediately see if something is wrong at a glance.

“We have already established an excellent relationship with the Highlight team who have exceptional technical knowledge, a positive approach to business and a clear way of communicating.  In fact, Highlight and MSOLS have already initiated several exciting client opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we are in the process of setting up trials of the Highlight platform.”

Bimal Modha - Sales Director, HighlightBimal Modha, Director of Sales at Highlight, adds, “MSOLS is an important addition to our expanding international network and will amplify our strategic goals of providing a first-rate service assurance solution to the Middle East. Whilst we’ve had customers in the region since 2014, an acceleration of new opportunities required more dedicated local support.  We’re delighted to have the accomplished team at MSOLS on board and for them to manage and nurture our client relationships going forward utilising their technological and regional experience.”

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MSOLS is a leading software developer and a multi-skilled IT Consultancy with over 25 years of experience delivering secure app development, professional and managed services, and critical cyber security projects. The company is ever-evolving and skilling up, achieving an array of industry-recognised certifications and compliances.

With a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience spanning the globe, the company has a team of expert Database and Application Developers, Ethical Hackers, InfoSec Professionals, IT Infrastructure Specialists, Helpdesk Service delivery and IT Compliance Practitioners. The company is ideally positioned to guide its clients safely and efficiently through their IT digital transformation.

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The Highlight Service Assurance Platform collects and analyses complex network data, translating and transforming it into an intuitive web portal. It goes beyond the technical monitoring of individual components by focusing on the network service as-a-whole, empowering both Service Providers and Enterprise organisations.

Clear and understandable service assurance data encourages better conversations and enables informed decision-making for both service providers and enterprise organisations.

The Highlight platform has been continuously developed for more than two decades by a dedicated team of in-house software developers, resulting in a feature-packed experience with an intuitive user experience that is used by over 10,000 organisations globally.