Highlight Launches ThousandEyes Digital Experience Integration

Highlight Launches ThousandEyes Digital Experience Integration

Highlight has integrated Cisco ThousandEyes digital experience monitoring into its Service Observability Platform. This strategic collaboration aims to empower organisations by providing a single service observability solution where user digital experience can be understood and assessed in context with the supporting network infrastructure.

By incorporating data from ThousandEyes into the Highlight Service Observability Platform, users can now access a unified view of network service performance. This integration aggregates advanced digital experience data and presents it in a service-orientated manner, offering intuitive insights accessible to technical and non-technical stakeholders alike.

Bringing digital experience into full network service observability

The combination of Highlight’s network data with ThousandEyes’ digital experience insights enables stakeholders of any technical competence to understand potential issues, quickly determine whether issues lie with the core network or the applications themselves and efficiently troubleshoot and address them before they impact end-users.

Highlight’s cloud-based SaaS platform smoothly integrates with Cisco ThousandEyes via a secure API, ensuring quick and scaleable setup to meet the demands of diverse and growing environments. With Highlight managing the platform, customers can focus on their core objectives while leveraging comprehensive observability capabilities.

Unified support processes on multi-technology networks for a seamless customer experience

Martin Saunders, COO of Highlight, emphasises the significance of this integration: “We’re delighted to extend our support of Cisco technologies to include ThousandEyes. Highlight combined with ThousandEyes makes digital experience monitoring scalable and accessible for modern IT organisations and Service Providers. We don’t recreate the ThousandEyes dashboard but rather deliver the digital experience information in context with other core network information. The combination enables faster and more precise problem identification, with direct links to the ThousandEyes dashboard for deeper investigation.”

Download the digital experience datasheet

For organisations seeking to optimise network services and enhance user experience, the integration of Cisco ThousandEyes into Highlight’s Service Observability Platform offers a robust solution for achieving unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence.

Using the Highlight platform in conjunction with ThousandEyes, you can:

  • Place digital experience metrics in context with core network service observability metrics
  • Determine whether the network is helping or hindering application performance
  • Increase support efficiency and report on digital experience SLAs

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