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Highlight does something traditional monitoring software can't. It enables real white space analysis by providing understandable insights about your services and your customers to the people needed to take action. Here's how.


Identify gaps in your customer's networks

Highlight delivers the 30,000-foot view required to spot gaps in large networks - over-used paths where you could sell more capacity or under-used ones that you can point out to build a better relationship. It's possible to apply this perspective and expand traditional services or go "beyond the firewall" and engage with your customers' switches, WiFi and internal networks. Contextualised, business-level insights in a single pane of glass put usable information in the hands of customer-facing teams and let you lay claim to real, unclaimed white space.

Proactively take action

Highlight provides your teams with the ability to review usage across their entire customer base and spot any sudden changes. It becomes possible to identify closing offices and cease redundant tail circuits, and then proactively call customers to show them that you're ahead of the game. You're not only able to build longer-lasting relationships, but these conversations also become a natural starting point for insights-driven upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and deliver more information about customer priorities. 


Use Highlight as a product

Highlight is a customer-facing tool, and that's a large part of its long-term value. By providing easy to understand alerts, reports and monitoring, it's easy to embed yourself within customer workflows and become part of your customers' IT teams. You can even end up monitoring parts of their network delivered by your competition by delivering better visibility over the connectivity you sell. Then use this information when considering different ways to improve your customers' network services. 


The outcome

Gain the perspective needed to
spot real opportunities to grow.


Highlight enables your teams with:


Location and Service Tiles

"Where do I start ?" - Real-time- filterable heat tiles let you hunt across your estate for specific types of issue or opportunity, and then drill down to look for the patterns that your customers will want to know about.


Flexible, graphical Reports

See why our service provider customers have said spotting upsell opportunities across a large customer base is "like shooting fish in a barrel". Colour-coded, prioritised reports with embedded graphics redefine what "whitespace" means.


Broadband Clarity

Scan broadband estates of hundreds or thousands of broadband nodes, and pick out lines not delivering the bandwidth they should, creating "Fix it or Upsell it" opportunities.


Frictionless, Shared Visibility

There's no point seeing an opportunity if you can't get your customer on board. Highlight was designed from day#1 to enable that conversation - an informed discussion supported by shared visible evidence which turns "Why do I need this?" into "Oh, now I see". performance at each of your customers' locations in an instant.

The results speak for themselves


"The sales team are all well versed in using Highlight. It is something they use early on in their journey with Gamma. And being such a widely used tool, many have used it before in previous organisations which means they are pretty conversant in what they are looking for and how to use it to drive opportunities and maximise revenues from their accounts.
Jonathan Butcher - Service Advocate at Gamma

Focus on the right

Highlight jumps you straight to the important information and contextualises it in a way that makes it easy to act. This perspective is critical to effective white space analysis and will let you better understand the opportunities in the market.


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