Differentiate your services

It’s hard to justify margin when you’re selling the same things as everyone else. Highlight re-establishes the Network as a fundamental component which underpins everything. 


Solve problems —
and prove it

Highlight lets you transform networks into services that actually solve problems for your customers — and prove it. Suddenly it’s not about commodities, but about engaging with your customers and creating an experience around their network, their applications, their business.

Demonstrate your value

Highlight opens up visibility of the network to your customer-facing teams, and lets them share those insights with the customers they support. Reporting, alerts and real-time pictures show your value and create positive ways to engage with customers. Play an even bigger role in your customers’ IT by stepping “through the firewall” and using Highlight to extend your management wrap to their LAN and WiFi.


Enable partnerships

Insights and conversations build deeper relationships, and ensure customers appreciate the value of what you deliver. Create a client experience that goes beyond the network you provide. Become an integral part of your customers’ IT team, and develop new ways to grow. 

Provide a service that is more than the sum of its parts.


Highlight grows margin by:


Differentiating your service

Highlight transforms networks from a “stack of parts” into a service that actually solves customer problems. Fight commoditisation, make customers see you as problem-solvers, not commodity-suppliers,  and become essential to their IT planning.


Improving visibility for you and your customers

You’ve already got engineering tools, but who benefits from that information? Highlight is designed for your front-line teams, and your customers. Build relationships with insights that lead to conversations.


Providing sales dashboards

Equip sales teams with the information they need. Highlight points out opportunities to upsell, to be proactive, and have productive customer conversations which lead to stickier clients.


Finding new ways to add value

Use insights to expand the scope of what you do. Advanced white space analysis lets your teams spot opportunities to make your estate more efficient, trim costs, or take on more of your customers’ IT.

The results speak for themselves


"The big benefit of Highlight is that it drives user engagement; it's an excellent way for people to see how a connection or an application is performing."
Mike Ayers - Chief Commercial Officer, GCI

“I receive a weekly report from Highlight with our top ten highest performing circuits. We’ve used these insights to successfully upsell our services to the tune of £20k gross profit.”
Paul Nocivelli - Head of Sales at Onecom 

"It's this single pane of glass across all our services that makes Highlight so special - it enables us to respond quickly with the right actions."
David Groves - Director of Software at Maintel

Sell an experience,
not a commodity

By improving how your customers engage with connectivity, you differentiate your service. Even if connectivity is “taken for granted” you don’t have to be. That’s how you grow margin.


Take the first step towards
better customer relationships.

Speak with a Highlight network services expert. Start transforming the value
of your network and create more profitable customer relationships today.