Bring something tangible to the table

Highlight enables you to audit existing networks, quote using real numbers, communicate results effectively and demonstrate what being your customer is like. Enable your sales teams to close more margin-rich deals faster. 


Quote using real numbers

New business deals are too often quoted based on customer estimates, and sometimes those numbers are off by a wide margin. Highlight lets you rapidly conduct network audits and present that information to your sales teams and customers using simple and intuitive visualisations. This builds trust, enables a consultative-edge within the sales process, and allows you to quote using real numbers - potentially significantly under-bidding the competition.

Build trust instantly

Using Highlight during the sales process enables your sales teams to demonstrate what it's like to be your customer. Customers can see the impartial and shared access to information, improvements to communication and your commitment to add value and take networks seriously. The stakeholders involved in the sales process are the business-level people that Highlight benefits most. Use results from network audits to show customers any gaps or inefficiencies uncovered, along with how easily you can convey technical information.  We can even come in and demo the product. 


Stay on the same page

Highlight delivers customer-facing tools that let you literally stay on the same page as the customer. This makes sales conversations easy, but it also changes the nature of what you're selling - it creates a differentiated customer experience. Using Highlight during the sales process enables you to sell more than a "box of bits", you can sell the outcome of being your customer. This is something that is far harder to pull apart and price comparison on a piece-by-piece basis. This differentiation helps fight commoditisation and more effectively close higher-margin deals.


The outcome


A positive and insights-driven sales process
that demonstrates what it's like to be your customer.


How Highlight works:


Simple audit tools

Highlight lets you quickly analyse a network and pull out the right information using reports and visualisations that both customers and sales teams will be able to use and understand. Quote using real numbers and bring a consultative-edge to the sales process.


Shared information and displays

Highlight gives your customers access to important and impartial insights. By demonstrating this during the sales process, you improve short-term communication and customers will see the long-term value. Build better relationships quickly.


Business-level insights

Highlight focuses your sales teams on insights that have real business value to your customers. You can use this information to build trust within the sales process and demonstrate your ability to add-value long-term. Use information to close more deals faster.


White space analysis

Highlight lets you zoom-out and analyse a customer's entire IT estate, spot gaps, and then zoom-in to review the details and find new ways to add value. You can use these insights both before and after the sales process to go "beyond the firewall" and expand the scope of your business.

The results speak for themselves


"The big benefit of Highlight is that it drives user engagement; it's an excellent way for people to see how a connection or an application is performing."
Mike Ayers - Chief Commercial Officer, GCI

“Highlight is a tightly-focused team – responsive and forward-looking. They’ve met all our requirements, including some which were definitely not out-of-the-box. Overall, they’ve been excellent to work with.”
Walter Rossi - Technical Architecture Consultant at Visionist

"Highlight's simplicity is its real appeal. The user interface is easy to understand, easy to set up and the data is easy to access. At a glance, our NOC team can narrow down the root cause of issues to stability, load or health."
Darren Brown - Network Manager at Spirit

Close more deals

The simple fact is that Highlight's insights-rich interface makes it easy to focus on the right information to drive an effective sales process. Close more deals, faster.

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