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Managed Services

Highlight’s Managed Services extend our in-house expertise to deliver administrative and professional insights in synchronisation with the Highlight SaaS Cloud platform.

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Our proven cloud-based platform

Network monitoring, reporting and alerting designed for sales, service managers, operations managers to share a view of managed services, with their customers.

See real-time, accurate and impartial evidence on your WAN, LAN, WiFi and application performance from a single interface.

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Delivering Professional Services to tailor Highlight to your customers' requirements

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Engage is an extension to our Cloud platform, giving you a one-off Professional Services engagement, with your customer, to deliver bespoke Highlight configurations and dashboards.

Centered around your customers’ needs, Highlight configures service views, performance testing and bespoke reporting, delivered to your account team, to get the best possible results in customer experience.

You only pay for the expertise to set up your customers, and then your service management team takes over.

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We manage the admin so you can focus on what you do best

Managed delivers our Cloud platform in combination with expert administration so you can deliver excellent customer service backed by Highlight’s data.

We remove the administrative burden by provisioning adds, moves, changes and ensure that features such as alerts and reports are enabled and working correctly.

You are then free to focus on your customers’ service to improve performance, manage capacity and deliver value around your services.

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An all-inclusive service, geared to deliver excellence for your premium customers

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Managed+ builds upon the Managed service, but now we bring the wealth of knowledge and experience of our technical account management team to you and your customers.

The Highlight team have a combined experience of 80+ years working within Managed Service Provider, enabling us to deliver advanced service reporting and insight on performance.

Highlight Managed+ means significant improvements to your customers’ experience of your network services, resulting in better business relationships between you and your customers.

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