Enhanced Visibility, Reporting and Alerting for Meraki SD-WAN

Cisco’s Meraki SD-WAN solutions have transformed the management and utilisation of business networks. The Meraki platform’s intelligent traffic direction and application management features have helped revolutionise the way that business networks are run.

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform is a cloud-based dashboard application that enables Meraki SD-WAN users to visualise, manage and report on Meraki SD-WAN overlay networks whilst providing complete visibility of the underlay connectivity and LAN in a feature-rich and easy-to-use portal.

Enhanced Visibility, Reporting and Alerting for Meraki SD-WAN with the Highlight Service Assurance Platform.

Quickly and automatically visualise and optimise the whole SD-WAN network

The Highlight platform imperceptibly and continuously collects data from nominated connections throughout a network estate. Create an API key in your Meraki SD-WAN instance, put it in Highlight and in less than 15 minutes the platform will discover and start collecting data on your SD-WAN network.

That data is then translated and presented in a clear and understandable way, including visualisation of the underlying connectivity upon which the SD-WAN relies. This enables IT teams and service managers to instantly know exactly what is working smoothly and what needs attention within their network estate.

Highlight smoothly integrates Meraki SD-WAN visibility with the underlying connections upon which SD-WAN relies.
The Highlight platform enables unified reporting on Meraki SD-WAN via the native reporting suite or Reporting API.

Advanced unified reporting

The Highlight platform has a dedicated on-demand reporting suite that enables users to created unified and detailed reports on any combination of watched connection types. These reports can be stored as templates and re-run at the click of a button or scheduled at regular intervals. Data can also be extracted into external data analysis platforms, such as Power BI, via the platform's automated Reporting API.

Avoid alert storms with customisable alerting

Highlight’s alerting system is designed specifically to give network managers the power to define exactly what they want to see, whilst avoiding annoying and unnecessary alert storms that clog up inboxes and increase response times.

Reaction sensitivity, problem categorisation, watch and folder exceptions, business hour settings and per-alert contact designation – all these settings and more ensure alert relevancy on any watched connection or group of connections.

Highlight's customisable alerting suite means Meraki SD-WAN users can avoid irritating alert storms, seeing only what they need to see.

Continue the SD-WAN revolution and pair Meraki with Highlight today

Using the Highlight Service Assurance Platform increases the productivity and reliability of existing Meraki SD-WAN networks by giving network managers unprecedented levels of visibility and control over not only the SD-WAN overlay but also the underlying Broadband, Cellular or Ethernet connectivity upon which the SD-WAN relies - providing complete SD-WAN Service Assurance.

The Highlight platform is quick and unobtrusive to get running in your organisation, with no equipment to buy and no software to install and maintain. Meraki SD-WAN support is native to Highlight with direct links to your Meraki portal. The platform is also hosted on the official Meraki Marketplace. Contact us today and make the most of Meraki.

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