Every minute an application is slow or down it hurts your business

Written by Highlight

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    So, what is the cause? Is it poorly performing infrastructure? Perhaps it is non-critical and unauthorised applications consuming the network or server resources, or simply, there is insufficient network capacity to handle the valid business application traffic. It’s reported that nearly one in four organisations have no idea which “unofficial” applications are running on their IT infrastructure (Source: Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Jan 2015). How are these organisations with zero to little application performance visibility and management supposed to improve or correct this business impacting condition? The truth is that without visibility, they can’t. Enabling IT staff with the ability to see clearly and determine the best action to resolve growing performance issues before it has a critical effect on the entire business operation is vital.

    MSPs and professionals from IT & commercial business teams need visibility and access to information on which applications are being used at any given time and location – insight which can pinpoint performance and availability issues. What’s more, managers require this information in an easy to understand, tangible, graphical format which is available in real-time; enabling decision makers of both technical and non-technical nature to identify the causes of an application issue and determine the corrective action.

    Ultimately, this Application Performance Management requirement is driven by the business need to ensure a positive user experience. Monitoring performance is not the end goal, but rather it’s the quality of service both delivered and received by the customer. Nothing irks customers more than slow response times or when business-critical applications are down.


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