Be more than a “vendor”

Highlight enables you to be more than the sum of your parts. Become a trusted advisor and grow.


Increase trust
(and sales)

Show prospective customers exactly what they need upfront (without having to wait for a full network analysis). Be transparent and build trust from the beginning.


Get the insights you need to catch disruptions before your customers call, helping you correct problems proactively and painlessly. Create seamless experiences and add value.


Grow existing

Customers love knowing their IT partners are watching out for their best interests. Increase lifetime value with advanced white space analysis that makes it easy to identify opportunities for upselling value-added support.

Transparency and trust increase your value in the mind of your customers.

How Highlight helps you sell more than a service:


Heat Tiles

See the real-time status of both network and application services at every location through a single pane of glass.


Broadband/WiFi Clarity

Quickly identify and resolve internet connectivity issues on broadband and WiFi connections.


Monitor events at the service level as they happen with transparent and unbiased information.

The results speak for themselves


Average Margin Increase


Average Churn Reduction


Average Revenue Increase

The results speak for themselves


"Highlight is a great platform that’s an important part of our managed service and gives us and our customers clear and simple visibility of what’s going on in the network."
Peter Savic - MD, Plum Communications

"We pay constant and deep attention to providing valued telecoms solutions and that means we need to maintain our flexibility by working with multiple carriers rather than become stuck with one. But with each carrier offering their own monitoring tools, trying to keep track of five or more different portals was completely unusable. Highlight now gives us a single window to see across our entire IT estate - one portal that delivers insights into multiple providers - and customers."
Darren Brown - Network Manager at Now IT Solutions

Build better customer relationships

By offering your customers proactive, transparent insights, you’ll earn their trust and develop more effective long-term partnerships.

Build better customer relationships

Take the first step towards
better customer relationships.

Speak with a Highlight network services expert. Start transforming the value
of your network and create more profitable customer relationships today.