ITGL Enhances Managed Services with Highlight Partnership

ITGL Enhances Managed Services with Highlight Partnership

ITGL, a renowned Cisco Gold Partner, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Highlight, the leading Service Assurance Platform. This collaboration aims to enhance ITGL’s digital managed services and deliver an unparalleled experience to its extensive customer base, including NHS Trusts, universities, colleges, and private sector companies.

Based in Portsmouth, ITGL leverages an integrated suite of tools within Cisco’s ecosystem. With the addition of Highlight, ITGL strengthens its arsenal by incorporating key functionalities into its service offerings. Notably, with an expansive Cisco Meraki estate, ITGL now utilises Highlight to consolidate Meraki Wi-Fi, Switches, and SD-WAN functionalities into a unified dashboard, encompassing all supporting network technologies such as broadband, cellular, and LAN.

Highlight’s emphasis on service, rather than technology, equips ITGL with robust, shared, and business-level insights into the status, health, and utilisation of its extensive and diverse networks—all accessible from a single screen.

Luke Maxwell, Head of Technical Support at ITGL, emphasises the value of Highlight in streamlining day-to-day operations. He states, “Highlight has become an invaluable asset in delivering our services to customers efficiently. Instead of managing multiple alerts across various tools, Highlight enables us to quickly identify actionable alerts, assess their relevance to a client’s SLA, and provide our engineers with additional troubleshooting data. It seamlessly completes our service offering.”

Maxwell further highlights the benefits of the unified reporting capabilities and data retention of Highlight, which allow ITGL to deliver availability-based reports to its customers. Notably, ITGL’s large retail customer, with 130 sites across the UK, has greatly benefited from consolidating all cloud services into the Highlight dashboard, simplifying the verification of critical alerts.

Maxwell explains, “Highlight helps us differentiate between site outages, VPN tunnel failures, and bandwidth consumption issues. With each site having unique broadband speeds, we can now identify location-specific trends and set customizable thresholds within Highlight to trigger specific events.”

The initial feedback from ITGL’s customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The shared visibility of their technologies within a single view instils confidence and trust in ITGL’s services. For instance, one of their large retail customers has empowered their IT team with direct access to the Highlight platform and plans to extend access to area managers to monitor their respective locations.

Martin Saunders, Product and Marketing Director at Highlight, expresses delight in partnering with ITGL, praising their dynamic and forward-thinking approach to digital transformation. By utilising Highlight and sharing it with customers, ITGL can present a unified version of service truth, bolstering short-term solutions and showcasing its commitment to customers’ long-term success.

About Highlight:
Highlight ( is a leading Service Assurance Platform that collects and analyses complex network data, transforming it into an intuitive web portal. By focusing on the network service as a whole, Highlight empowers service providers and enterprise organisations with clear and understandable service assurance data.

About ITGL:
ITGL ( is an award-winning Cisco Gold Partner dedicated to delivering digital transformation solutions. With a strong focus on Cisco technologies, ITGL offers managed services to a diverse customer base, including NHS Trusts, universities, colleges, and private sector companies.