Transform the Value of Broadband Services with Highlight

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A Vision of Trusted Services

The Highlight platform is designed so it can cater specifically to broadband connected services. We wanted to solve two of their largest challenges today — broadband speed assurance and broadband congestion.

Broadband Clarity, part of the Highlight platform, has made that a reality. With this feature you can confidently deliver valuable services that protect and proactively evolve your client networks, every time.

Broadband Clarity equips Service Managers to deliver value like never before. Through the collection, storage and visualisation of sync speed data at a granular level. This feature provides all stakeholders insights into the network through proactive automated alerts and real-time access. With this level of visibility you can more easily build trust with your customers to boost retention and increase service investment.

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Broadband Congestion Visibility

With Highlight, Service Providers are granted unparalleled identification capacities that spot issues before they arise. Valued and trusted network management has never been so simple with total, and mutual, network visibility.

Total transparency like this, through Broadband Clarity, affords providers opportunities to proactively evolve networks for a more valued service overall.

Performance Testing

Broadband Clarity works endlessly to identify issues either from the customer router, or any other point in the network.

Periodic performance testing through singular ‘ping’ tests, voice over IP or web traffic tests check for E2E connectivity and performance statuses. Only then can Service Providers be confident in the value of their services.

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With Highlight, you can more easily differentiate your service by capably offering service evolutions that follow logically (and transparently) from historical performance.

Go beyond real-time performance assurance with Broadband Clarity. Equip your Service Managers with the capacity to draw on historical and real-time reports. Empower them to provide customers with holistic reporting, every time.

Free transforming the value of broadband services guidebook.

Find out how ​​to build a valuable managed service that customers will love and trust with our transforming the value of broadband services guide.

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Transform Broadband Connectivity with Highlight Today

Total broadband connectivity is what your customers expect, so differentiating your service is more important than ever. Deploy Broadband Clarity to your customer’s networks so that you can fight commoditisation of your services through more valuable, holistic IT networks. Your performance will be protected, and so will theirs.

The results speak for themselves


"Highlight is a great platform that’s an important part of our managed service and gives us and our customers clear and simple visibility of what’s going on in the network."

Peter Savic - MD, Plum Communications


"We pay constant and deep attention to providing valued telecoms solutions and that means we need to maintain our flexibility by working with multiple carriers rather than become stuck with one. But with each carrier offering their own monitoring tools, trying to keep track of five or more different portals was completely unusable. Highlight now gives us a single window to see across our entire IT estate - one portal that delivers insights into multiple providers - and customers."

Darren Brown - Network Manager at Now IT Solutions


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