Using Highlight

Transform how your team engages with your upstream service providers, and providing that clear, shareable picture of what you’re delivering to the business.


Get clear network
insights and visibility

Traditional enterprise monitoring tools tend to be designed as inward-looking, technical platforms. Highlight is different: although it provides value to technical staff, its fundamental design goal is to strip out unnecessary detail and present business-level insights in a way that can be understood by your wider organisation — IT management, or your internal customers, for example. This non-technical analysis shows real-time status information on the health of your network, and makes it easy to investigate any problems without needing to call the provider. It also enables you to refine requirements for future planning based on an understanding of how your existing network is being used today.

Have business-level conversations with your Service Providers

You work with network and IT service providers so you don’t have to deal with the nuts and bolts. But this only works if you can have effective conversations with them about the services they’re delivering to you. Highlight lets you have business-level conversations with your service providers, and delivers shared views that keep you on the same page, literally — a neutral ground where both sides can review clear graphics and reports, and discuss strategy. What’s more, Highlight centralises service assurance of all of your managed services in one place and one portal. Instead of juggling multiple portals and passwords, use Highlight to compare multiple providers, see real-time status information on a single screen, and track historical performance.

Have business-level conversations with your Service Providers

Give your IT team the tools to be a great Service Provider

Increasingly, IT teams function like service providers, delivering a service onwards within their organisation, and being held to account based on service levels and their financial budgets. Highlight was built to facilitate effective communication between service providers and their customers — so deployed in-house, it delivers shared visibility “downstream” across your organisation, making it easy to review performance, applications and SLAs and justify the need for additional investment. Your IT team can then turn around and use Highlight to gain “upstream” visibility and communicate with service providers to ensure seamless outcomes across your entire IT stack.

The outcome

Non-technical network visibility and insights that improve planning, operations and communication with internal and external stakeholders.

How Highlight helps:


End-to-end visibility

Imagine having a single-pane-of-glass which lets you monitor and understand both sides of the firewall — the wide-area connections you buy (from one or multiple providers) and your in-house local network environment. That means Ethernet, MPLS, Cellular, SD-WAN and Broadband, WiFi, applications, switches, and users. Connectivity is end-to-end, so your visibility should be too.


Non-technical reporting

Buying network services has moved beyond the point where you should have to talk CRC errors or router interfaces with your Provider. Highlight uses data visualisation to put things in business terms: Locations, Busy lines, Health problems, Service Levels — detailed network analysis that your entire business can understand. This means you can give visibility to departments, teams or locations, empowering them to find their own answers, and not shower you with questions.


Better relationships with your Providers

Historically, Providers and Enterprises each have their own tools, which say different things about the network. Imagine having a single, independent pane of glass which both of you can access. A clear, trusted platform for discussing plans or problems. A real-time window into the network that lets you do first-level fault finding without calling your MSP, and a high-level picture that lets you actually understand how you’re using your network, and then discuss more widely when you’re ready. That’s how our Enterprise customers use Highlight.


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