made simple

Understand growth, identify waste and contextualise decisions with intuitive tools that present real data in non-technical ways.


Easily align costs with revenue

Improve P&L transparency with rapid, clear insights that help you understand how to improve fiscal efficiency as you grow.

Quickly identify and
reduce wastage

Know exactly how much revenue you’re wasting from unused (but active) circuits, billing and SLA disputes, and old inventory that needs to be updated.


Contextualise growth
with real insights

Get an accurate picture of how you’re growing with real data from your network. Remove ambiguity, stop relying on manual inputs, reconcile past growth and draw on insights in an easy-to-understand, non-technical format.


The outcome

More efficient business operations
and satisfied customers.


How Highlight helps you with reconciliation:


Heat Tiles

Understand how network and application services are performing at every location in real-time.


Strip Charts

See how applications and networks are performing over time right from your Heat Tile Dashboard.


Sla now

Get an accurate picture of events at the service level in real-time with real data from your network.


Alerts and Reports

Set up automatic reports and alerts to be notified of any problems that arise so you can address them proactively.

The results speak for themselves


"Highlight is imperative to our customer relationships and all my clients use the service. On a monthly basis or more frequently, I talk to customers about the events that they can see on Highlight. And that’s the key - because the customer and Gamma are looking at the same information, all our discussions, whether good or bad, are based on the information that Highlight provides. This means our conversations with customers are very grounded, frank, and honest. If they see that something has gone wrong, we cannot shy away from it. There is nothing to hide and we have to be honest with our customers. This leads to a stronger relationship which is a really is a good place to be when you are in business together.”
Jonathan Butcher - Service Advocate at Gamma

"Highlight enables us to generate clear graphical reports for clients. In the past, producing a report on the performance of service infrastructure was extremely hard to generate and was more often based on a ‘finger in the wind’. We now have accurate data to give to clients and this is provided monthly to the lead at the government department”
Walter Rossi - Technical Architecture Consultant at Gamma

More clarity =
Less waste

With clearer insights into how your business and those of your customers are running, you’ll be better equipped to fight margin erosion and improve the quality of your services.


Take the first step towards
better customer relationships.

Speak with a Highlight network services expert. Start transforming the value
of your network and create more profitable customer relationships today.