Meraki Recognises Highlight with Coveted Ecosystem Partner Award

Meraki Recognises Highlight with Coveted Ecosystem Partner Award

In a significant acknowledgement of partnership excellence, Cisco Meraki has presented its Ecosystem Partner of the Month award to Highlight, recognising the exceptional contributions the Highlight Service Assurance Platform has made to the Meraki managed services landscape.

The Highlight platform has supported Meraki integration since 2021 and has been available on the Meraki Marketplace since 2022. The ever-expanding list of supported Meraki services now includes SD-WAN, WiFi and switches. This has drawn the attention of the managed service sector, leading to adoption of the Highlight platform by a wide variety of managed service providers, enterprises and technology integrators.

Recognition of ecosystem excellence for visibility of Meraki managed services

The award was announced to the Highlight team live by Meraki Global Ecosystem and Marketplace Leader, Alicia Lorenzetti. She said, “Highlight is a trusted, incredible partner of ours.” She added, “I loved personally reviewing the glowing testimony that Meraki customers gave about Highlight. That was extremely influential in terms of our decision to make this award.”

In response, Highlight CEO Richard Thomas expressed his delight at winning the award, “I’m excited. We’ve really been putting a lot of effort and focus into our integration with Meraki for the past year, and it’s great to see that coming back in recognition. It’s been encouraging to see that our focus has worked. We can engage with the team at Meraki, you’re responsive, you’re really into  supporting and enhancing your API. That bet is really paying off for us, so thank you.

As the discussion continued Highlight Marketing Manager, Peter Savereux, explained where he sees the Highlight platform fitting into the Meraki Ecosystem. “We see a lot of our service provider partners adopting Meraki for their customers because of its power and simplicity. Highlight extends that power and simplicity to the service management experience by giving them a service management toolkit that works in the complex multi-tenant, multi-technology environment they occupy, enabling our partners to build a true managed service around Meraki technology.”

Lorenzetti agreed with this assessment, “We see Meraki as the one-size-fits-all dashboard for pretty much everybody. However, we need players like Highlight that offer the ability for certain data to be uniquely surfaced for a particular group of users.”

The key puzzle piece for more and more Meraki-based managed services

This award comes at a pivotal time with the adoption of the Highlight platform accelerating across managed service providers and enterprise organisations that deploy Meraki solutions. These organisations include:

What benefits are they realising? Highlight provides uniquely top-down, service-orientated visibility – it’s a cloud-based dashboard that enables status identification, alerting and reporting on Meraki SD-WAN, WiFi and switches as well as the underlay, LAN and adjacent overlay connections that support them. This results in drastically reduced time to issue identification, reduced number of escalations, greater SLA compliance and increased retention rates.

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